As temperatures begin to drop, things start getting festive and the days are shorter than ever, have you ever wondered what happens to bees in the winter time? If you’re planning a glamping trip this winter, there’s no better place to be then outside and amongst nature to spot a winter bee. Be sure to check out some of the tips below on how you can help the bees during colder weather.

Look out for winter bees on your next glamping trip!

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Over 1.3 billion tonnes of food grown globally is wasted each year. In total, that’s about a third of all food produced for human consumption. This wasted food takes its toll on the environment due to the sheer amount of fresh water, land and labour it takes to produce and is responsible for over 3 gigatonnes of carbon emissions each year. If the waste was a country itself, it would be the third highest contributor to greenhouse gases in the world. Britain is one of the worst culprits in Europe, with over 15 million tonnes per year feeding no one.It’s not easy being green! Think before you throw.

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If you have just returned from a blissful experience at one of our glamping UK locations and were taken aback by the abundance of wildlife that helped to make the experience special, then we can help you recreate that in your own garden. Obviously, nothing compares to a glamping holiday, but creating a haven for UK wildlife in your own garden will not only help the wildlife thrive but will also help with the fond memories of your last luxury camping break.

A blue morpho butterfly in a garden near Quality Unearthed

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It’s only natural to want to hibernate this winter, but glamping in colder months can be surprisingly uplifting. Despite the negative associations with camping in the cold, it is important to remember this is no normal campsite. In fact, it’s not even a normal tent. This is glamping, a world where the mud, rain and sub-zero temperatures are cast aside to make way for luxuries such as hot water, cosy duvets and a flushing toilet of your own. Here’s some reasons to take the plunge and go on a glamping holiday this winter…

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If you are planning on exploring the outdoors in the less than desirable conditions, then one of the most vital things you can be proficient in is how to build and light a fire in bad weather, as this is arguably when you’ll need it the most. On the flip side of the coin, these conditions can present tricky fire-starting conditions, therefore it’s important to take these tips away with you.

A close up image of a fire built on a glamping trip near Quality Unearthed

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When it comes to glamping with Quality Unearthed there are so many fantastic destinations we offer, and it comes as no surprise that staycational glamping is often now seen as a first choice for families and couples when it comes to enjoying a break.

There’s a reason why glamping is so popular and one of those reasons is because this kind of vacation provides visitors to enjoy what can only be described as the pinnacle of detoxing the mind, body & soul, and here’s why:
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With December just around the corner, preparations for the festive season are well underway and Christmas is a joyful time to be spent with family, friends and food! However, being mindful of the planet is an on-going commitment and needs to be remembered throughout the period of festivities. Here’s a few things to consider to help you enjoy your holidays without the planet paying the price.

A sprig of holly - It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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