Humans have always felt comfortable around trees, the relationship begins when we are children, clambering in and out of them in our gardens and on walks. It is well known that people who live around trees and take the time to walk in nature are much healthier, physically and mentally. People have been building tree houses for hundreds of years, with them getting more and more creative in their designs and achievements. The treehouse is not only used for children to play in, popping up all over the world are tree top restaurants, treehouse potting sheds and even treehouse toilets.

a treehouse holiday near a Redwood forest.

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Spring is about to come into full effect, and yes, it may not always be sunshine and lollipops as far as the weather is concerned, but hey, that’s what makes for part of the fun, right?

Luxury camping holidays are a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy some of what truly matters. But if you were, just for a moment, wondering what it is you could do with your time, here are 18 things you should, in our humble opinion, definitely do with your time!

A beautiful blooming flower near Quality Unearthed

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Glamping UK accommodation is increasing in appeal more and more as time goes on and it’s never been a better time to give it a go for yourself, if you haven’t already! The news that staycations are on the rise, combined with the appeal of discovering places you never had before without jetting abroad is something that many people are after.

So with this in mind, why choose glamping? We can tell you with our handful of great reasons:

A tree in a field on a sunny day near Quality Unearthed

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As the spring approaches and the weather begins to warm up, it is finally time that we can all head back outside without the need of a thick winter coat, scarf, gloves, wellies and the rest! Spring is a very exciting time, when the flowers spring back into bloom, Easter celebrations take place and the activities that can be done are endless come rain or shine!

spring summer bucket lists

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If you are looking for breath-taking scenery and quiet coastal paths, then Pembrokeshire is the perfect place for your glamping holiday. It is tucked away from the bustle of any city or fast-paced town in the remote region of  South West Wales. There are beaches, National Parks and a rich variety of wildlife, all waiting to be enjoyed on your next holiday!

A blue lagoon, near our glamping holidays

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As we head into March, the flowers are beginning to blossom, the baby lambs are being born and we are starting to see some glimpses of better weather across the U.K. There is simply no better time to enjoy the spring than in Easter, when the children are off school on their Easter break, the weather is drier and spring is in full-swing!

That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best spring events happening across the U.K to visit on your family Easter break. Whether you’re on a glamping UK break or staying in a log cabin, these are some of the best events happening across the Easter holidays:

Easter egg hunt you can enjoy during your glamping uk holiday.

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What is hygge?

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, is the Danish term for ‘well-being’. This new trend that has swept across the UK and beyond, is the concept of going back to basics and living a comfortable and sustainable existence in order to promote healthy well-being.

Log fire and open book as part of the hygge lifestyle you could have on glamping holidays with Quality Unearthed.

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If you’re lucky enough to be newly engaged, we would like to extend our congratulations from all of us at Quality Unearthed. Maybe you’re in the middle of planning where you and your partner will go to celebrate your marriage, perhaps you’re helping out your best friend or sister with some honeymoon inspiration or you’re simply daydreaming of the future. If your search for unique honeymoon ideas has led you to our website, and this blog post, then you will not be disappointed! Here is our top tips, tricks and advice to ensure that the honeymoon will be one that is always remembered:

Couple on honeymoon prepare opt for glamping, Devon, with spectacular field views.

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